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Via Mustang Bobby
Shades of the 1960's, some high school students in Florida have started an underground paper to tweak the nose of their school system and some of their follies. In this day and age, though, it's a blog called The Rag, a throwback to the good old days of student unrest.
The publishers of The Rag have been threatened with disciplinary action and suspension, although I'm not sure on what grounds the school system has for making their case. Perhaps the ACLU would have something to say about it.

It takes me back to the time when I was in high school and a few friends tried to start an underground paper at my school in 1969. It was called The Clenched Foot and they ran it off on a mimeograph. It was supposed to take satirical swipes at our school and teachers, but much to our chagrin, the administrators loved it. It folded after two issues. Better luck to these guys.
Awesome. All I have to say. But look at more via Wikipedia.

Fellow Floridians: Call Senator Bill Nelson and tell him to filibuster Alito!

But, Quick Go To Main Street USA
And Via Out In Left Field, The Info Below ;)
Below are numbers for the various offices. However, many of the voicemails are full, so use other numbers, fax, and e-mail. Please do this no matter where you live in the U.S. (And no, you don't need to lie about where you live. If they ask, be honest. If they don't, fine.) Also included in the list: people on the fence or people that we need to work on, indicated by various offices. Robert Byrd already said he would vote in support of Alito. Some offices have given out these names. We need them. If they don't want to vote "No" on cloture, ask them to "Abstain". Don't vote at all - stay home.

Here we go: Senators You Can Contact:

* (Reports are Mary may vote for cloture!!!): Mary Landrieu (D-LA) - PHONE: (202) 224-5824 . FAX: (202) 224-9735 OR New Orleans FAX: (504) 589-4023 . OFFICES: WEB FORM:

* Kent Conrad (D-ND) - PHONE: (202) 224-2043 . He has indicated he may even vote YES on Alito! NO! At the very least, do not vote at all, Conrad! OTHER OFFICES: WEB FORM:

* Tom Harkin (D-IA) - PHONE: (202) 224-3254, FAX: (202) 224-9369, District Offices: Des Moines - (515) 284-4574, Cedar Rapids - (319) 365-4504, Davenport - (563) 322-1338, Dubuque - (563) 582-2130, Sioux City - (712) 252-1550 .

* Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) - PHONE: (410) 962-4510 and FAX: (410) 962-4760 for the Baltimore office, PHONE LINES: 410-263-1805, 410-269-1650 and FAX: 410-263-5949 for the Annapolis office. PHONE: 202-224-4654 and FAX: 202-224-8858 for the D.C. office.

* Ken Salazar (D-CO) PHONE: 1-888-355-3588 press 2, or (202) 224-5852 . FAX: (202) 228-5036 OR FAX: Denver, CO (303) 455-8851 .

* Maria Cantwell (D-WA) - PHONE: (202) 224-3441 . OFFICE LOCATIONS AND NUMBERS: WEB FORM:

* Mark Pryor (D-AR) - PHONE: (202) 224-2353

* Mark Dayton (D-MN) - PHONE: (888) 224-9043 . (He will vote no. But he's unsure about a filibuster.)

* Evan Bayh (D-IN) - PHONE: (202) 224-5623

* Ben Nelson (D-NE) - PHONE: (202) 224-6551 or FAX: (202) 228-0012. Ben Nelson originally stated that he would vote Yes for Alito. His office even stands by it. But they are taking a tally of people supporting the filibuster. So call.OTHER NUMBERS: Omaha - PHONE: (402) 391-3411, FAX: (402) 391-4725. Lincoln - PHONE: (402) 441-4600, FAX: (402) 476-8753. Chadron - PHONE: (308) 430-0587. Scottsbluff: (308) 631-7614 . WEB FORM:

* Bill Nelson (D-FL) - PHONE: (202) 224-5274 . Bill Nelson says that he is not getting enough calls from his constituency. Even if you don't live there, call. The Republicans are calling him continously to ask him to oppose a filibuster. OTHER OFFICE NUMBERS AND FAX NUMBERS: WEB FORM:

* Robert Byrd (D-WV) - PHONE: (202) 224-3954 or (304) 343-7144 or (304) 342-5855, OR FAX: (202) 228-0002 OR FAX CHARLESTON, WV OFFICE: (304) 343-7144.

* Daniel Akaka (D-HI) - RECONSIDER PLEASE! 1-888-355-3588 ask for Akaka. OTHER OFFICES: E-MAIL ADDRESS:

* Joe Lieberman (D-CT) - PHONE: (800) 225-5605 OR FAX (860) 549-8478 . WEB FORM:

* Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) - PHONE: (202) 224-2921 . WEB FORM:

* Joe Biden (D-DE) - PHONE: (202) 224-5042 . E-MAIL FORM:

* Frank Lautenburg (D-NJ) - PHONE: (202) 224-3224

* Robert Menendez (D-NJ) - PHONE: (202) 224-4744

* Tim Johnson (D-SD) - PHONE: (202) 224-5842

* Barack Obama (D-IL) - PHONE: (202) 224-2854 . FAX: (202) 228-4260 . PHONE (SPRINGFIELD, IL): (217) 492-5089, FAX (SPRINGFIELD, IL): (217) 492-5099 . EMAIL FORM:

* Olympia Snowe (R-ME) - PHONE: (202) 224-5344 · Toll Free in Maine: (800) 432-1599 · Fax: (202) 224-1946 OR FAX BANGOR, MAINE OFFICE: (207) 941-9525 .

* Susan Collins (R-ME) - PHONE: (202) 224-2693 OR FAX (202) 224-2693 . FAX: (202) 224-2693 or FAX BANGOR, MAINE OFFICE: (207) 990-4604 .

* Byron L. Dorgan (D-ND) - PHONE: 202-224-2551

* Republican Lamar Alexander (R-TN) - Not likely, but he's a moderate. Try? PHONE: (202) 224-4944




Need I Say More?

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Yeah I couldn't believe it either. But Gore was stickin' it to the man! And it's excellent.
In an address delivered in Washington to multiple standing ovations, Vice President Al Gore repeatedly attacked the Bush Administration for the expansion of executive power -- the ability of the government to wiretap its own citizens without legal authority and kidnap Americans abroad.

His speech -- which compares the wiretapping of Martin Luther King to the broad surveillance now imposed on Americans by President Bush -- called on Congress to resume its oversight responsibilities, and enjoined Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to appoint a special prosecutor. Gore was to be introduced by former Rep. Bob Barr, a Georgia Republican who has advocated for the constitutional right to privacy.
Well, Here's a snippet :
...The President and I agree on one thing. The threat from terrorism is all too real. There is simply no question that we continue to face new challenges in the wake of the attack on September 11th and that we must be ever-vigilant in protecting our citizens from harm.

Where we disagree is that we have to break the law or sacrifice our system of government to protect Americans from terrorism. In fact, doing so makes us weaker and more vulnerable.

Once violated, the rule of law is in danger. Unless stopped, lawlessness grows. The greater the power of the executive grows, the more difficult it becomes for the other branches to perform their constitutional roles. As the executive acts outside its constitutionally prescribed role and is able to control access to information that would expose its actions, it becomes increasingly difficult for the other branches to police it. Once that ability is lost, democracy itself is threatened and we become a government of men and not laws...

“Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away and the deep fog of misunderstanding will be lifted from our fear-drenched communities, and in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty.” Martin Luther King Jr. - April 16, 1963

Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.

Sunday Papers


Florida Sunday Papers via FLA Poltics

Way To Go Bobby!


Wow, check out Bobby's yell to Democrats to wake up, Republicans will not be fair! Here's what he says :
The big mistake the Democrats and progressives have made since the days of Richard Nixon is that they expect their opponents to play fair; to grant them the same courtesies and level playing field in their ideological battles for the hearts and minds of the American people. But they are always caught off-guard, like Charlie Brown and the football; they never learn that the Republicans play politics like guerrilla warfare; they never play fair. They lie, cheat, and steal and brag about it because they know they can and they never, ever break ranks unless it directly effects them or their political standing. This is not news, this is a fact of life. Oh, sure, there may be an honorable or ethical Republican out there -- I know several -- but when a party leads by cultivating the culture of victimhood and paranoia that has marked the last eleven years in the Congress and five years in the White House, they can justify their actions with a straight face and make even the desecration of the Bill of Rights a necessary bit of collateral damage in order to preserve their hold on political power. They sold their souls to win and they will not give it up without a fight to the death using every tool and shill at their disposal.
Awesome, Awesome.

I have to say this is probably the saddest story I have heard yet.
In case you didn't know, a Florida eighth grader brought a pellet gun to school, that looked like a semi-automatic handgun. Well he reportedly pointed a gun at a deputy, and the chase began.
Officials stated that they tried to negoiate with him, but to no avail.
So they "took him out" and the story broke a few minutes ago that he had died.

But I'm Curious, how hard did they try to negotiate, I mean he's in Middle School, how hard is it to trick an eighth grader? Who all did they bring in to negoiate, a local police officer? Or did they bring a child psychologist? When an obviously troubled kid risks, not only his own life, but the lives of other students and teachers, It's a big deal. And I heard nothing about who tried to negotiate with him. And isn't it about 9 times out of 10, that students like this one, tell somebody that they are bringing a gun to school? And it's the SWAT team, trained professionals, isn't there some way to tell the difference between a semi-automatic handgun, and a pellet-gun look-a-like?

Just curious...

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