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Florida Girl Has Abortion Blocked---Yep blocked

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Well since CNN is too busy with what jewelry the "Runaway Bride" was wearing, we rely on BBC... Okay, well from what I can tell, (full story) some crack-pot judge (Judge Ronald Alvarez) told this 13 year-old girl she can't have an abortion, because she "lacks maturity"! Well I'll quote a reader to this site and say, "If she's old enough and mature enough to have sex, then she should be able to have an abortion." Luckily the ACLU is already launching an urgent appeal, she's under the care of the state--Palm Beach, FL, close to where I am-- and they want her to under-go a psychological evaluation. Not only is this illegal and unconstitutional, but it's cruel to make a young girl go through an unwanted pregnancy. This is a prime example of why birth-control should be more readily available to teenagers, because, like it or not, some (most) teenagers are going to have sex. And it is important that they are using protection, so that they won't have to go through what this young girl is going through.
Well we already covered an abortion topic, so...
What are your thoughts on teenagers having/using contraceptives?
Is this judge going too far?
Should this young girl be allowed to have an abortion?


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