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Army Linguists Fired for Being Gay

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AP has the story, but you can read it here

Nine Army linguists, including six trained to speak Arabic, have been dismissed from the military because they are gay.
The soldiers' dismissals come at a time when the military is facing a critical shortage of translators and interpreters for the war on terrorism.
Seven of the soldiers were discharged after telling superiors they are gay, and the two others got in trouble when they were caught together after curfew, said Steve Ralls, spokesman for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a group that defends homosexuals in the military.

Umm...okay, I am almost speechless (heavy on the almost) but isn't the whole "don't ask don't tell" policy just ridiculous anyway? Why should it be legal for the army to fire on the grounds of homosexuality? Im going to tip my hat to Shake's Sis and quote her,
"You know, maybe the Army shouldn’t have canned a bunch of linguists for being gay. Just a thought. I know it’s a kind of radical notion that our national security is more important than institutionalized discrimination against fags, but maybe we should give it a try for a while and see how things work out."
Too True...


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