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"Come On!" Moment #231

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Well, for those of you who may not know, I am 15, so technically "no" I can't vote, (and I hate having to go through this with people) but should my voice be worth less than anyone else's?
So anyway, something happened today to back me up on this. I am currently vacationing at my Aunt's house while she is going through a pregnancy without her husband by her side (he's in the military) when I asked her today at the check-out of the local Wal-Mart Supercenter-Jesus they're everywhere!-, "...are you a Replubican, Democrat, or a Third-Party?" She looked at me and said, "I dunno...hand me the milk."
I was flabbergasted! I asked her, "surley you voted last election?" She laughed, "well do you have your voter's registration card?" She did, and I saw her political party...Republican! But anyway, point is, why are those of us who are of younger age who pay attention to politics (I watch C-SPAN religously) thrown aside and that "told to leave that "fancy-political stuff" to the good ol' boys?
This is ridiculous, I mean I'd expect this from Replublicans, but I've had liberal-comin-out-their-ears people tell me, maybe you should leave this political bickering to us adults and go out and have fun! Isn't that a little conservative? Isn't that what women had to go through not even a century ago? And also, do they assume I don't have fun bickering about politics? If I hated this, then I wouldn't be doing this would I?
I mean my mom never even heard of the electoral college until I informed her while she was stumped watching CNN with me.
So, Question :
What do you think about students involved with politics?
Should Minors be taken seriously?


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