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How to Campaign : The GOP Way!

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Hmm, this is too funny!

The scenario: you (a Republican loser) are running for office in a blue state, (New Jersey) and no one likes you, you have no fans or followers. What do you do?

Solution: you take a pic from another campaign (A very popular Democrat, one who has followers and people in the background) and twirk it so it appears that some people actually like you and someone other than your mother (if she even is) supports you!

And Viola! You know how to campaign the GOP way!

Okay, okay, incase you have no idea what the above is about, don't worry, Ricky's here to fell ya in! The remarkable Howard Dean's pic, aka the original is below,

And here's Bret Schundler's campaign picture, as seen on his website,

Notice anything... familiar... about that picture?

If you guessed, "Wait a second, it's just a picture of Bret Schundler badly Photoshopped onto a crowd of Howard Dean's supporters," then you'd be absolutely correct. L
What's even funnier is, the person who did this forgot about Mr. Dean's thumb,

Bret Schundler...enough said...


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