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Iraq War the NEW Gay Marriage?

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Here's one for all those right wing-nuts who think gay marriage will destroy the "real" marriages, and that embyonic stem-cell research is horrific for the fact that it kills one-cell organisms but think that a bloody conflict in Iraq (which whether you like it or not will continue to take innocent life) is okay, read this...woosah!
Tip of hat to Shake's Sis, "Can you produce one instance of a gay marriage actually undermining the sanctity of a heterosexual marriage, or causing the divorce of a straight couple? And if I could produce evidence that the Iraq War is detrimental to marriage, would you support a Constitutional amendment immediately requiring the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and banning future preemptive wars the same way you support a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?"
The number of active-duty soldiers getting divorced has been rising sharply with deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.

The trend is severest among officers. Last year, 3,325 Army officers' marriages ended in divorce — up 78% from 2003, the year of the Iraq invasion, and more than 3 1/2 times the number in 2000, before the Afghan operation, Army figures show. For enlisted personnel, the 7,152 divorces last year were 28% more than in 2003 and up 53% from 2000. During that time, the number of soldiers has changed little.

So what now about your whole “protecting the sanctity of marriage and defending the family” thingy? Thanks again for defending those soldier families....and the Iraqi ones, keepin' them in mind too?


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