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Lays, Yep They Make Miracles, in a BAG!

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Yeah that's what I said! ...oh Jesus, check this out!
Is this how desperate people are to belive in God? Yeah there's malnutrition happening in 50% of the world, wars, AIDS, murder, rape, etc.

Naw, Jesus 'cided to make miracles in my 'tator chips!

Oh, well I can't find it but, has anyone heard about the imprint of the Virgin Mary in a grilled-cheese sandwich? I remember being being in Catholic sunday school, (forgot the legit term) and the teacher showing pictures of clouds and mud that looked like Jesus, and being a curious 11-12 year old asked her, "...if God wants to make miracles, then why doesn't he do things?" Yeah you could hear a pen drop. Basically I was told to just blindly believe what was in front of me, and ask no questions, I'm sorry but that's not me. Later I was escorted out to my parents, where my Dad told me to straighten up, and I kindly told him in my 6th grade way, that I found the concept of God far-fetched and if God wanted to make an impact now maybe he should cure diseases, make peace, end crime, instead of making funny-looking clouds.

Now, please I don't mean to step on any religous toes here, if I have offended any of you in any way,
get over it.


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