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Republicans Hate Big Bird!

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Hmm...yeah, I'm having a hard time seeing why anyone would want to be Republican. It's not enough to terrorize GLBT's and other minorities, now they're going after Sesame Street!

But the loss of $23.4 million in federal funds for children's educational shows — which PBS calls its "Ready to Learn" programs — could mean the elimination of these programs, said an official at Alexandria-based PBS who asked not to be named because the network still hopes to regain the funding. PBS's revenue totaled $333 million in fiscal year 2004.

The Ready to Learn group includes "Sesame Street," "Dragontales," "Clifford" and "Arthur," among others.

This is doing nothing but harming us, the public, and depriving us and our children of quality educational programming! They say believe in family values? Who is this going to hurt (other than the fine folks at PBS) US, THAT'S WHO! They must really be wanting that "all-american, baseball, apple pie" image. First they let Porn Stars go to offical White House Dinners, then they cut funding to quality public television, and now-a-days, where can parents turn to when they don't want to get into the "talk" with their kids other than PBS? Children, parents, and teachers deserve a network that provides safe, high-quality programming!
I'm outraged by two things here, and don't know which one I'm more upset about, the hypocrisy of the Republican party, or that they might get away with it.
And Yet I'm not suprised, I mean Republicans can't run their long term plans if there is a educated well informed public!

When asked, even Oscar the Grouch refused to comment...


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