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Some ask me about DSM

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I've had some questions about what are my thoughts on the Downing Street Memo. Well, for the past few days I have been fighting a school district for the right to wear whatever I want, and watching C-SPAN everytime they talk about DSM. I think Congress should start an offical investigation and if, sorry when, they find out that what the Downing Street Memo says is true I want impeachment proceedings against Bush.
Now, WaPo's pissed in my Fruit-Loops before, but the article titled, "Democrats playing Dress-Up" that's when it went too far

Basically they call Rep. Conyers attempts at trying to get media att. about DSM and holding a meeting about DSM mediocre. $#@! THEM!

I'm sorry again about cutting this post short. But I'm super busy, hat tip to AMERICAblog and Shake's Sis

...I Hate the Washington Post...


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