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Can I Hate "Pat Robertson" People Any More? Not Likely.

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I've now become aquanted with unique individuals, who have recently showed me an article in the Times (reg. required) about a highschool blogger Zach and about him coming out to his parents. Now I'd expect some of the symptoms: arguing, gulit, feeling ashamed, just over-all disapproval. But, (get this, this is so rich) they actually sent him to a place called Refuge where they try to, "scare you straight."

Oh, Jesus.

You can read more about Zach, and Refuge at the blog, Queer Action Coalition. And I believe they have a link to Zach's blog which hasn't been updated since his "vacation" at that god-awful place, I wonder if he'll get to see his name in the NYT, they don't allow computers or TV's, I dunno about newspapers.

Well to top it off, while I casually lay back and listen to Elton John's "All The Girls Love Alice", all I have to say to these homophobic bible-mis-quoting freaks is,

?!?!? WTF DuDe ?!?!?


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