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Oh, man this is too much, well first of all I strongly disagree with hunting.
I don't approve of it, anyway, there's an article on NYTimes, about a young girl (7 or 8) being taken out of school to go on a "dream hunt" for black bears in Vermont.
So I click on the article, and what's first thing that pops out at me?
Two pictures, the first, a young girl holding a shoutgun, roughly half her size. I'm thinking, how side-splitting is this pic?
I'm staring at a poster girl for NRA.
The other picture, not so funny, more on the verge of sickly psychotic, the picture is of dogs, "smell-hounds" one of which looks as though it is being held back by its owner, so I'm thinking, great dogs trained to scent out an animal miding its own business and lead the animal to its exucutioning.
How sick are these people? It disgusts me.

Go here for a picture that looks so similar...

Oh, and if I stepped on any toes about this post, (which I think I might have)
Get Over It.


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