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I'm Back, and Better Than Ever!

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One word, whoa.
Well, just so everyone knows, I've been grounded for a month, but, finally, it's come to an end!
But there's other matters to talk about, I am freaking out because during my "groundation" 2 extremley important things have happened.
First, Rehnquist died after serving 33 years on the Supreme Court, ughhh, now we'll have the most conservative court ever!
The other, we all know, Katrina. I am wracked with emotions, I'm happy that Katrina missed us (FL Panhandle) but I feel slightly guilty in a way for feeling that, and I am so depressed for those people, I mean new-born babies w/o food, young girls being raped by gangs, it's horrible, a total anarchy, I know something needs to be done, but I just don't know what, other than let's all just donate to the Red Cross I'll set up a link for yall. I've donated the rest of my money after buying a mac mini (bought it pre-Katrina)
Other good news, I'm done with Hitchiker's and my teacher just told me, I have another book to read, Tale of Two Cities! ...Yah...


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