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Pledge = Unconstitutional

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Some consider the battle of the "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance to be not worth it.
And on that I say I agree.
But I also agree that the Pledge contains a religious phrase, and it is idiotic to say that the words `under God' contain no religious significance.
I also disagree with forcing students to recite the Pledge. Now coming from a student who, (up until this year when my High School stopped the practice) said the pledge every school day, rain or shine for 180 days out of the year for 11 years, it was boring.
What I mean by that is, when you force students to say it every day it becomes a chore, I honestly (along with my other colleagues) felt little to no respect for it. It was no longer a proud moment to say, "I Love America" the teachers forced you to do it, and, believe me, if you had to say it everyday when you didn't even understand what it represents, you would feel the same way.
So, I'm almost neutral on this subject, I love this country, I'm proud to be American, but if students don't want to say the pledge, they don't have to, and be honest, would you want to be the sole child having to sit out because of religious beliefs, why not just make them wear neon signs?
And to quote Attorney Newdow, "Imagine every morning if the teachers had the children stand up, place their hands over their hearts, and say, 'We are one nation that denies God exists, I think that everybody would not be sitting here saying, 'Oh, what harm is that.' They'd be furious. And that's exactly what goes on against atheists. And it shouldn't.''
He makes a good argument.


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