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I get so pissed off everytime I hear someone say, 'Liberals are unpatriotic."
I asked my Dad why he's Republican, he first starts off, "Well, I'm really patriotic..."
Ugh, as opposed to me being not?
I'm liberal and patriotic, I love my country! Just because I disagree with the current presidency, does not mean I'm unpatriotic!
I know the current administration tactic is, "if you disagree with us, you hate Freedom, America, and Jesus" but this if &*^#ing ridiculous!

Sorry I've been so busy this week, and I'm not good at juggling so, I've been on vaca for a while.
Oh, some good news, I'm getting an iguana, and because of extreme boredom in fourth period, I'm naming him/her Igloo, should be interesting, I'm finally caught up on work, so a little free time should help relieve mid-term stress, but monday will fix that when Finals stress starts slowly to show its pitiful face. Friday night is a night of R&R for me (atleast tonight) but tomorrow its time to kick ass and PARTY! ! !
(Party Safely, Of Course ;)
But for now, Hello reruns of South Park!

Saddam Trial


His trial is to start tomorrow, well they'll state the charges against him atleast.
Now, here's my question;
The Death Penalty...
Now being some one who oposses the death penalty, immensely, I must admit, I'm at a crossroad here.
I mean, he is a terrible person, an extremely horrid human being, I want him to rot in jail, but I'm most afraid that he could rise to power again, there's still many, (uh, everyone) in Iraq who fear him, and they'll still appear to love him and respect him.
Yeah, yeah, the question,
What punishment do you recommend for Saddam?

Lost Commodities...


Via Indiana Star
Political activist C. DeLores Tucker, 78, who marched with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., was the first black to serve as secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in later years protested against obscenities in rap music, died Wednesday.

The West Mount Airy, Pa., resident spent her life fighting for civil rights; it was a struggle she carried out with poise and elegance. She was known for wearing turbans with matching ensembles, even when taking to the streets or being arrested.

Within hours of her death -- of undisclosed causes at Suburban Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center in Norristown, Pa. -- many of the area's politicians issued statements.

Tucker was such a vocal and visible opponent of the messages in rap music that rappers took to ridiculing her in their lyrics. She fired back with defamation lawsuits.
Such a great woman, she'll be missed. I don't think they mentioned it, but she was the President of the National Political Congress of Black Women.

Another notable death:
Jack White, a reporter whose story on President Nixon's underpayment of income taxes won a Pulitzer Prize and led Nixon to utter the famous "I am not a crook," died Wednesday. White, 63, died at his Cape Cod home, said WPRI-TV in Providence, R.I.

Sexy Baby Wednesday


Today is Sexy Baby Wednesday
And This Sexy Baby Gets A Four-Day Weekend!

Wow, despite other bloggers who are against Bush, I Love Sen. Hilary Rodham Clinton!
And I am so happy that she made it in the National Women's Hall of Fame.


SENECA FALLS, NY, September 15, 2005—The National Women’s Hall of Fame will honor ten outstanding American women during its 2005 Induction Weekend - Friday, October 7th and Saturday, October 8th in Seneca Falls, NY – birthplace of the women’s rights movement.

Inductees are selected by a national panel of judges for their outstanding contributions to the arts, athletics, business, education, government, humanities, philanthropy and science. 2005 Inductees are:

Betty Bumpers - Former first lady of Arkansas, health and peace advocate

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton - first First Lady ever to be elected to the United States Senate and NY State’s first woman senator

Dr. Rita Rossi Colwell - first woman and first biologist to head the National Science Foundation

Maya Y. Lin - architectural designer Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, and other commemorative installations.
The National Women’s Hall of Fame, founded in 1969, is the oldest national institution dedicated to recognizing and honoring in perpetuity the significant achievements of individual American women. Located in historic Seneca Falls, the site of the first Women’s Rights Convention in 1848, the Hall is a not-for-profit educational institution whose programs include inductions of distinguished American women, educational activities, and special exhibits and events. The October 2005 Induction will bring the total of Hall inductees to 217 women. The National Women’s Hall of Fame is supported by its members, corporations, foundations and individual benefactors.
Yeah, this should come in handy in the '08 Election

The Podunt Post has a great piece on a "fair vote, up or down."
It is a must read.
Meaning you must read it...

Ha, Ha


Slackin' on Miers...


First post on Harriet Miers, and I knew about it since Monday, damn I'm slackin!
Well, from what little I know of her, I doesn't seem like a wise pick. I mean I keep hearing, "Oh she'll be an easy confirmation." But that doesn't seem to make much sense to me, even if she's a Liberal, she seems too "pro-life" for me, I mean she is a born-again right? (Maybe its a Stereotype, but I'm stickin with it)
And it doesn't seem like conservatives are welcoming her with open arms as they did Roberts, (even though, honestly she may be the lesser of two evils) SHE HAS NO EXPERIENCE! And I'm not talkin Roberts experience, if I'm right, she hasn't even been a judge! What is Bush doing?
What Would Mama Say...?
Georgey, stop electing on personality okay? This isn't middle school dodgeball, it's the Supreme Court.

Geesh, hey go to Mier's Blog Pretty Funny, haven't laughed that hard since Last Night's Daily Show, PS. Catch it tonight Senator Edwards will be on, Comedy Central 10PM Central


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Well I'm staying home from school today because, well, I didn't finish my work due today over the weekend so I'm finishing it now. The other reason why I'm staying home, is because in my confusion, last night (well this morning really) at around 1:00 am, I reached for a bottle of tea, (Lipton Green Tea w/ Citrus, Oh man, I'm in Love!) I accidently grabbed a bottle of Nail Polish Removal! Don't ask me how, or why, I just realized, "ugh, this is bad... hmm my throat's burning, that's not good, better go wash out my mouth, quickly, really quickly, oh Jesus!" I am telling you, it was horrible, this morning I called my mom, and the poison control center, they gave me some tips, and I'm doing fine, no worries ;)

(Lab Kat I'll fix that Comment Problem for ya, I swear!)

Happy Birthday


Two men who were very influential upon me were born on this day long ago.
Mahatma Gandhi
My Grandfather,
Dee Boy Morrell

World Vegetarian Day


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