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Oh What a Day!

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Well I'm staying home from school today because, well, I didn't finish my work due today over the weekend so I'm finishing it now. The other reason why I'm staying home, is because in my confusion, last night (well this morning really) at around 1:00 am, I reached for a bottle of tea, (Lipton Green Tea w/ Citrus, Oh man, I'm in Love!) I accidently grabbed a bottle of Nail Polish Removal! Don't ask me how, or why, I just realized, "ugh, this is bad... hmm my throat's burning, that's not good, better go wash out my mouth, quickly, really quickly, oh Jesus!" I am telling you, it was horrible, this morning I called my mom, and the poison control center, they gave me some tips, and I'm doing fine, no worries ;)

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