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Slackin' on Miers...

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First post on Harriet Miers, and I knew about it since Monday, damn I'm slackin!
Well, from what little I know of her, I doesn't seem like a wise pick. I mean I keep hearing, "Oh she'll be an easy confirmation." But that doesn't seem to make much sense to me, even if she's a Liberal, she seems too "pro-life" for me, I mean she is a born-again right? (Maybe its a Stereotype, but I'm stickin with it)
And it doesn't seem like conservatives are welcoming her with open arms as they did Roberts, (even though, honestly she may be the lesser of two evils) SHE HAS NO EXPERIENCE! And I'm not talkin Roberts experience, if I'm right, she hasn't even been a judge! What is Bush doing?
What Would Mama Say...?
Georgey, stop electing on personality okay? This isn't middle school dodgeball, it's the Supreme Court.

Geesh, hey go to Mier's Blog Pretty Funny, haven't laughed that hard since Last Night's Daily Show, PS. Catch it tonight Senator Edwards will be on, Comedy Central 10PM Central


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